TS Riley Quinn

Las Vegas, NV

Best kisser in the west! | Passionate about photography, world history, technology, stocks, real estate and the cosmos.

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Commonly Asked Questions

I am currently 36 years of age.
I'm conveniently located in Las Vegas, NV.
I'm originally from Alaska where we live in igloo's, ride polar bears to school and can see Russia from our backyard.

My favourite hobbies include, reading. I enjoy reading fiction novels such as "Choke" and "Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahniuk. I also enjoy reading and learning about historical events and world history.

I enjoy learning and immersing myself in new technology as well as playing video games in my downtime.

I'm an avid movie watcher with over 2000+ movie titles on my Plex media server.

I take delight in asking those deeper philosophical questions about the nature of our reality and the big bang.

No, I don't smoke cigarettes however I do enjoy recreational marijuana.
I started my transition to womanhood at the age of 25.
I'm attracted to people as I identify as Pansexual. For me, Pansexuality offers a greater capacity to love a person romantically regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. However, that doesn't mean I'm attracted to all people. I simply put more emphasis towards emotional attraction rather than gender.
Why not both?
Bigger than yours I would imagine.
Yes, I get myself tested regularly every quarter or so.
Afraid not, my heart belongs to another random stranger.
You can purchase my content by subscribing to my membership website for $10 USD a month. I'm also launching a new mini-series, that is independent of my brand, called MyHairyGF, with its primary focus being on short virtual dates in the the hairy genre.
I recommend reading, "So You Want To Be a Male Performer" by Grooby Productions.
No, not at this time however that could change in the future.
Yes, I offer custom solo videos starting at $200 as well as hardcore content starting at $800. To inquire, please subscribe and message me on my membership platform.
Yes, I offer one-on-one shows starting at $100 for 10/mins. To inquire, please subscribe and message me on my membership platform.
I don't have an official Snapchat account.

When setting up an appointment with me, the best way to reach me is either through text and/or email only. Due to the high volume of correspondence I receive daily, I ask that we skip the inital pleasantries and get down to the brass tacks. The more information you can provide me in your initial introduction, the better.

If you contact me without screening information, you will be blocked!

To make sure I can fulfill your expectations, please include the following information:

• Your full name
• Your employment information (like a LinkedIn link) and/or the emails to contact your provider references
• Where, when and for how long you'd like to see me
• Your expectations for our time together

You may reach me either through text, 702-337-2808 or by email at me@ts-rileyquinn.com.

It might be because your text or email were rude, or you repeatedly asked me inappropriate questions or ones which are already answered on my website.‬
I offer the Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

No, I unfortunately do not offer incall services at this time.

Yes! I love seeing both women and couples. For couples, it's very important you are both eager to see me, so it's nice to hear from the both of you in our initial correspondence. I want to ensure our time spent together is enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
I do! I have a select few cis-female providers I like to work with such as Charlene Love and Holly Davis. However if you have another provider in mind, please feel free to coordinate with them.
As far as alcoholic beverages, I enjoy drinking both red and porto wine. With my favorite blends being Pinot Noir, Malbec and 20 Year Old Tawny Port.

I understand, sometimes things do come up! But, my time is just as valuable as yours, if we make a commitment together, I'm reserving time that could otherwise be reserved for someone else.

Out of courtesy, I ask that cancellations are made at least 48 hours in advance. If you have to cancel and absolutely aren't able to give 48 hours notice, I require a cancellation fee of 25% that can be sent to me through Zelle (me@ts-rileyquinn.com). If you cancel within 24 hours, 50% of the total donation is expected.

Failure to comply with my cancellation policy shows me that you do not respect my time and energy, and will result in being denied for future bookings.

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Stunning girl, booked her with my partner. Arrived on time, was very laid back and made us feel on ease.

− ALEXELYM, June 2023

Very Professionals and had the great pleasure of spending time. She is one of the most beautiful, smart, and Gorgeous woman. That I met. Her magic stick is glorious. She very sweet and passionate and know what you want. A++ woman.

− MASTERADOBE2, May 2021

Reached out to Riley about an upcoming trip to Vegas. Told her my GF and I wanted to see her. Riley stated she loved seeing couples so we set everything up. Once the time arrived I met her in the hotel lobby. I was blown away by her appearance. We connected and chatted on the way up. Went in and introduced my GF and we all chatted while having some drinks. I highly reccommend.

− JD, December 2020

My time with Riley was exceptional. She is smart, funny, down to earth, not a clock watcher and incredibly beautiful! She was fun to be with in every way and I can’t wait to see her again. Definitely a must see if you get the chance!

− Jon, August 2019

I had the pleasure of spending time with Riley this past summer and she is the most interesting, most beautiful, and most charming woman I've had the pleasure to meet. Unfortunately, at 110 degrees, the weather was stifling! I just hope the next time, a bit cooler weather allows us to better enjoy our time together, and for a longer time. A sophisticated woman.

− Robert, May 2019

Made all arrangements through email until the day of the appointment then texting. Riley arrived a few minutes early looking great in a form fitting dress. She's even cuter than her many pics online. Made me feel at ease as soon as the door closed. Her Great personality was matched by her appearance and performance. Absolutely fantastic time with this lovely young woman. She's as fine as there is. Hope to enjoy her again in the future.

− Joerocks, December 2017

Have had a few BAD experiences with Trans, but wanted to try again. Was heading to Vegas and wanted to find someone to finally have a great experience with, I FOUND HER! I saw her on Eros and a Twitter and sent a text. She sent one back and as soon as we could set a date, we did. SHE is amazing, so beautiful, sexual, amazing eyes, she just melted my heart. Could not have asked for anyone better.

− Mikeyjl54, June 2017

Wow, just wow. Super stoked to have met this awesome girl. Super cool time I spent with her on my visit to Las Vegas. She was fun to hang out with at the casino, and we walked down the street to another more laid back bar so we could enjoy our conversation more. By the time we were both ready to head back to the room, it felt like we were old friends already. And then, BCD, it just got even better.

− Just1funguy, December 2016

Riley is a pro, this was not my first time being with her so she allows me to text her and she always responds promptly. YMMV on that but if you treat this lady right she'll do the same for you. I was on Vegas last week and decided I'd like to see her again as I saw she was now back in Vegas after a bit of a hiatus. She's as pretty as ever and as passable as they come. She showed up right on time as always and we spent a bit of time catching up before we moved it to my bedroom. Don't waste your money on the other girls, call Riley and be prepared to have your mind blown.

− Pilsanders, November 2016

I traveled to Vegas and wanted to meet some providers and found Riley's ad on TER. I emailed her with not much hope of being able to see such a cute woman with short notice. To my delight, she texted me back and said she'd be available. We coordinated the time and she let me know every step of the way, letting me know when she was leaving, getting close, and arriving to my hotel. She met me in the casino of the hotel I was staying at and we chatted for a minute and headed to the bar for a quick drink. I feel we really connected. Riley is extremely intelligent, and a nerd (that's a compliment, as I am myself). She likes gaming, knows about cars, music, and pop culture. She can hold a conversation like no other provider I have met and is very genuine.

− MichaelWalter, July 2015

Riley is the real deal guys and very sweet and passionate. If you treat her right you will no doubt have that once in a lifetime experience you are looking for.......I know I did!

− Woodalan95, May 2015

In Vegas needed a TS Fix. After seeing a vid of Riley I contacted her and set up a time for the next night. She arrived at my hotel looking beautiful. I would repeat!

− 59youbetcha59, February 2015

Riley is a one of a kind. Don't let the pictures fool you or the description hold you back. She is better looking in person and far more sexy than her pictures portray. Kind of a sleeper if you know what I mean! You won't be disappointed! She actually has a personality and really enjoys what she is doing!

− Kbee1, November 2014


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